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tinted porcelain, pinewood pedestal, tin's hamer
L 24,5 cm X W 18 cm X H 100 cm

This sculpture is part of series of sculptures and installations inspired by the engraving of Albrecht Durer Melencolia I.

In the foreground of the engraving, Dürer depicts a singular polyhedron of mysterious meaning. This shape will participate in making it very important in art history. For Durer, this shape is a representation of his vision of a scientific concept for architecture.

In this sculpture, the polyhedron now becomes a derived product: a money box of pinky porcelain, along with a tin hammer.

The scientific symbol is diverted and becomes another symbol of our society: the Piggybank, invented to teach children how important it is to save money, and through it, the value of money.

Thus, the object of art become an object of investment.

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