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in-situ installation
dry clay
variable dimensions

Tôler is an immersive sculpture that spectators walks on and makes live through their stroll in the exhibition room. It evolves over time and gradually becomes dust. This large wavy panel made of natural dry clay covers the exhibition space. It is modeled by the artist and by leaning closer we find the footprints of the gesture that helped create the work.


Tôler is an ephemeral intervention that must be renewed at each exhibition. It is created for the spectators who become actors of the art installation. They become kind of performers who, on the basis of their wander, will activate the work while destroying it little by little. This gesture evokes a poetic abandonment of the artist, who proposes an absurd creation doomed to disappear. In a spirit of a certain minimalism and close to the works of Carl André, the artist evokes an artistic action connected to the primary elements.


Tôler is a simple gesture. Its the creation of a thin layer of clay that becomes art. The dry mud creates a peculiar sensation by crunching it. Each footsteps evokes our destructive relationship with nature. The only thing that the viewer can do at the end is to contemplate his action on space, as a mise en abyme of our human condition.

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