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bas relief sculpted in Galalith
diameter 8cm

The starting point of this intervention to the «Dairy of the Queen» in Rambouillet is the disappearance of the porcelain dinner service created for the tastings. Queen Marie-Antoinette went to «the Dairy» to taste dairy-based dishes. 

This work  evokes the presence of the disappeared objects: by taking back the codes of the bas-relief to remind Pierre Julien's sculptures and by respecting the ceremonial table seating of that period, small sculptured medallions are placed alongside marble consoles, supposed to be originally filled with food.

These 65 medallions are directly inspired by a relief known to all : the film formed on the surface of warm milk, the milk’s skin. 

This project attempts to preserve the particular atmosphere of the place, a timeless space where historic events stripped of their symbolic objects leave as a trace a sensibility, a fragility symbolized by the sharpness of a suggestive material made up of milk casein: Galalithe.

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