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pole, firecrackers, slow wick
L 100cm X W 500cm X H 30cm

" Your speech about my absence was as lengthy as my absence itself; but… praise like this should come from other mouths. As for the rest, stop treating me just like any woman would nor as if I were some barbarian chieftain. I need no grovelling. Don’t spread your fine purple weaves upon the ground for me to walk on and attract the monstrous envy of others. Such treatment should be left for the gods. I am but a mortal and mortals could only walk upon these weaves with fear and dread. I want you to honor me like a mortal, not like a god. The fame of a good man is spread without him walking on fine mats and tapestries. "

Agamemnon, in L'Orestie of Echyle

Translated by F.J. Miller

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