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performance - 1h15
jute bag, sound diffusion, cherry pits
Curatorr: Camille Sauer
Lights Scenograph: Bertille Friderich - BEL créations

"The Cherry Pie" is an art performance created for "C'est parti de deux mots : TAKI 183", curated by Camille Sauer, a manifestation for the European Night of the Museums 2018.

This work is inspired by a radio debate during the May 68 period. A woman is claiming her right for a free sex life before marriage. She will be described as "a child so fond of cherry pie that she wants to eat it before it goes to the oven".

50 years after May 68, what remains of the debates on the liberation of women's rights?

Under the sound of this looped interview, twenty women come together and line up. They grab a little bag and they start spitting. What? hundreds of cherry pits without ever stopping.


The floor is slowly covered up with these little marbles  8% are red. These are the 8% of women in the 100 Artprice Index of influential contemporary artists.


The bag is finished. the women take an other pack of ammunition, they have the word, without words and in action: 30 000 stones are spit.

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