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workbench, 3D prints, stir, lead, wax
variable dimensions

"La Fabrique des Symboles" is part of a series of sculptures and installations inspired by the engraving of Albrecht Durer Melencolia I and have been shown for the soloshow "Made by melencolia", at ENSAD.

Durer was one of the most copied engravers of his time. He was also one of the first artists who supported what we call nowadays the copyright. In the installation, you can see all the symbols that Durer used in Melencolia to represent the arts and crafts.

I have recreated them on a 3D software and printed them, then cast them to reproduce them as an infinite production.

The craftsman's «hand» disappears. We can only recognize the marks of the 3D printer. All the symbols of the arts are infinitely copied. They become small useless objects, like pieces of cheap junk that we sometimes keep as souvenirs.


Soon maybe, these objects of arts and crafts will be only trophies that one can find in a museum as a reminder of a lost trade and handicraft.

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